Well said, Monty. Well said.

Commenter monty chimes in at a recent Snowflakes In Hell post with something incredibly important to remember:

Freedom is never free, each right we have comes with a cost. The Freedom of speech can be used by hate groups to further their cause, by cults to lure in their victims, by pornographers to distribute their wares (not that I’m against that mind you), and by malcontents to disrupt the smooth running of our society. The 4th, 5th and 6th amendments allow countless criminals to escape unpunished for their crimes. The 7th amendment gives us runaway juries and their insanely high damage awards. The 8th prevents us from using all types of potentially effective punishments.

We accept all of that as the price for freedom. Why is it that when it comes to the 2nd amendment its somehow different? Are advocates of our other rights expected to weigh in every time someone uses a right in a bad way?

We need to remember this every time the anti-freedom crowd demands that the right to keep and bear arms be weighed against public safety. Would it be appropriate to demand government limitations on what kinds of words people can use in which places in response to a hate-mongering protest? No, I thought not.


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