D.C. representation bill killed by disappointed anti-gun Democrats

Story here. Apparently congress finds it more important to violate Article 1 of the constitution rather than respect its second amendment. Well, the Democrats, at least.

I just don’t understand the argument for giving D.C representation. If you want to frame it in terms of fairness, wouldn’t it be even more unfair to give D.C. representation but continue to deny it to other federal territories like Guam and Puerto Rico? We’d just be graduating from constitutionally denying all Federal territories representation to discriminatorily and unconstitutionally denying most of them. And this is saying nothing of the equally unconstitutional idea of giving Idaho another representative as a means of trying to bribe Republicans into supporting the misguided bill.

If it’s really so important that D.C. gets congressional representation, it should become (or join) a state, or else there should be a constitutional amendment permitting it.


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