Coolness vs. sadness

I have a rotating assortment of gun pictures that go onto my computer’s desktop background (the nerds among you just deduced that I’m a Mac user) and when this one popped up, I couldn’t help but think how cool it was:


Guns are cool!

What do the anti-gun forces have to offer? Sadness? Tragedy? Fear? I know that gun violence tears at hearts, but those emotions get old fast and we eventually have to leave them lest we wither into bitter husks of depression. You can only stay shocked and frightened for so long. As Robb Allen says, it’s not like they have anti-gun ranges or anything!

And that’s the thing—the more into guns you get, the cooler things are: you learn more about mechanical principles and historical events; you become more proficient in a difficult-to-master skill; and you gain self-confidence and self-reliance. The more anti-gun you get, the more unhappy and fearful you become.

That’s why they’re losing and we’re winning. We have a culture, an industry, and a community. All they have is misery and woe.

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