BradyWatch: willing to accept even the most awful brutality so long as there are no nasty nasty guns

Dennis Henigan is at it again, complaining about those scary militias who are so dangerous that nothing has actually happened. Call me silly but I’d always thought the Brady Campaign was a gun control group; this isn’t their issue. Straying from the gun path reveals their true intentions: to elevate the state. Says Hennigan:

The militias are engaged in military training in case their resort to the ballot box fails to produce the government they want and violence becomes necessary. […] But all are united behind the pernicious idea that violence against our government is a legitimate “last resort.”

Tell that to Jews in Europe under the Nazi regime in 1942. Tell it to Ukranians in the Soviet bloc 1932. Tell that to Cambodians in 1975. Ask any of them if they thought voting was enough.

If we are to take Hennigan’s postulate at face value — that violence against one’s own government is never justified, then what is his answer for what to do when one’s government initiates violence against its citizens? What about when it initiates not violence but soft oppression, tyrannical social rules, or total economic control? Where is Hennigan’s “line in the sand?” Or does he not have one? Maybe he is willing to live under any government, no matter how illiberal or fascistic it may be, so long as it was democratically elected.

Furthermore, by inveighing against those who train to take up arms against an unjust government, the Bradies are admitting that they stand against the values that their own country was founded on. When King George was oppressing the American colonists, what would their response have been? I wonder what kind of American history they teach their kids.

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