Rights? We don’t need no steenkin’ rights!

Straight from the New York Times’ editorial desk comes a breathless, fearmongering plea to deny due process to Americans appearing on a secret government list. Yes, really:

Congress, for example, is cowering before the gun lobby insistence that even terrorist suspects who are placed on the “no-fly list” must not be denied the right to buy and bear arms.

Oh, you mean the list that you can’t see and don’t know if you’re on? The list that if you’re on, you can’t get off without 51 senators voting for it? The list that’s so error-ridden that Nelson Mandela and Ted Kennedy were on? And it’s not like this list is ever used in a retaliatory manner.

watchlist.jpegThis is one of the most illiberal things I’ve ever seen. I’m genuinely puzzled that these people don’t see the obvious liberty connection. I mean, during the Bush years, they were all rightly outraged about the government wiretapping American citizens suspected of terrorism without a warrant. And yet, now they’re willing to throw due process out the window to deny firearms to people on a secret, unalterable, error-ridden list maintained by unelected bureaucrats? Do they really hate guns enough to gut one of the fundamental protections of our criminal justice system?

Want supreme irony? Here’s a 2006 piece by the Times criticizing the no-fly list itself. LOL. But wait, it gets better! Throwing out the second amendment isn’t enough:

Congress must hold the line and let the public in on the looming campaign machinations [of the NRA]. It should not allow groups on the right or left to spend freely from the political shadows.

Wow, the first amendment, too? What’s next, arguing that gun owners should be tortured for any crimes they commit? I remember the New York Times’ principled opposition to government overreaching in the name of combatting terrorism during the Bush years. Why don’t they? And people wonder why it’s often claimed that republicans and democrats are two sides of the same coin.

Update: The NSSF says something similar.


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