This just in: trying to penetrate a military blockade may get you killed

Activists: You two are big and mean and the poor Gazans are suffering! We’re going to sail in!

Israel and Egypt: Um, you know there’s a blockade here, right?

Activists: We don’t care, you oppressive imperialist warmongers!

Israel and Egypt: Um, you realize that if you try to circumvent a military blockade, then we can take action against you, right?

Activists: Just you try, Fascist pigs! We’re coming in!

Egypt: You wanna take ’em, or should I?

Israel: I got this one.

Activists: OMG why are you attacking us?

Israel: Um, because you’re illegally trying to circumvent our blockade?

Where’s the beef? Some civilian vessels get intercepted while trying to run a military blockade and loss of life results. How can anyone possibly be surprised by this? What did they think was going to happen when they sailed their passenger ships towards a location blockaded by the military forces of two powerful nations? Tea and crumpets? A stern reprimand? Time out?


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