I don’t get quad rails

I’ve long wondered what the appeal of quad rails on AR-15s was. They’re generally heavy and my sense is that most people really don’t need that much rail space. I mean, do you have so much stuff to bolt on that you need more than 28+ inches of rails? I get the light, and maybe the vertical foregrip, but after that, what more do you need? Sling mounts? A laser too? Can’t forget the tactical can opener! And then they wonder why their weapon weighs 9 pounds and go start a lightweight build…

I’m even more confused by people who buy quad rails and don’t use them at all, like this chap:


(found at Arfcom)

This setup duplicates the functionality of standard handguards, but with greater expense, weight, and external diameter. What’s the point? Is it so you can later remove the covers and utilize the rails? If so, then why not just go with a round tube that you can bolt rails onto when you need it, like the Midwest Industries SS series:

One Piece FF SS-Series.gif

(No, I do not work for Midwest Industries, nor have I received any of their products free of charge; I just really like them!)

I’m incorporating an SS7 into my first build, which I’m trying to make as lightweight as possible. The SS7 weighs 7.8 ounces, which is less than even the lightest standard handguards, and you can put rails on it where you need it. It also incorporates a strong threaded barrel nut, unlike the popular TRX Extreme rails. I think it’s pretty close to a perfect design.

One response to “I don’t get quad rails

  1. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I have no idea why anybody would want their gun to be decorated in the kinds of colors on display in the first picture. Three different shades of vomit, all interlocking with each other. Not something I would want.

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