More guns = more gun crime, right?

I’ve somehow managed to become embroiled in a fascinating debate over at ScotGoesPop, where a UK man is battling against the pro-gun commenters from Kevin Baker’s esteemed blog. He and many of his supporters repeatedly make the argument that more guns “sloshing around” as he so amusingly puts it, results in higher levels of crime and violence:

the point is if everyone does that, and you suddenly have millions upon millions of guns sloshing around, you increase the number of gun attacks that occur in the first place

Funny, that certainly hasn’t been our experience in the United States:

Firearm homicide rate and private firearm ownership, 1981-2007.png

7 responses to “More guns = more gun crime, right?

  1. The hypothesis of “more guns = more deaths (in general)” likewise fails:

  2. Indeed. In fact, I got the number of guns statistics from your spreadsheet, so I’ve updated the sources to credit you.

  3. Awesome, thanks :).

  4. As far as I’m concerned if you want an honest supporter of gun control, you need to look for people like me.

    That being somebody who supported gun control, but didn’t really know crap about guns, so they decided to research the issue to produce a solid argument.

    The end result of that research, of course, was me (and many others…Dr. John Lott comes to mind) becoming PRO gun.

    There are plenty of people who simply need to be educated, and probably taken to the range.

    Then there are people like James who argue for gun control and make false claims for things like lower deaths, lower crime, and of course use made-up statistics like “Gun Death” and “Gun Crime”, as if the Sacking of Rome was somehow a wonderful Utopia because nobody had a gun to use.

    They can simply be shown as being sinister in their protests.

  5. Got him. That’s all I needed to do

    Don’t expect to get much further than that, Nate.

    But of course keep up the games while its still fun for you.

  6. Oh, of course. I do this not because I think I can convince him, but if any fence-sitters wander by, I want our side to look like the rational, well-informed one.

  7. Something tells me no fence sitters will wonder by.

    Anti-gun dorks who refute reality tend not to generate traffic or show up on Google searches.

    Plus our side owns the google searches now, so they’ll be finding our blogs, not theirs.

    So keep wrassling with the proverbial pig so long as it keeps a grin on yer face, but I’ll make sure to keep your blog filled with good rebuttals and important information, so that passers by find YOU, not him.

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