BCM strikes back

Spike’s Tactical is the new hotness over at Arfcom because they offer amazing products at prices comparable to those of manufacturers who sell far inferior products. Many are asking, “how do they do it?” and frankly I don’t know. Nobody seems to know:

Spike’s Tactical offers a very high quality product at a price normally reserved for much lower quality products. I don’t know how they’re doing it – and yes, I’ve asked. They’re working very hard to establish themselves as a quality brand, and they’re doing a good job of it.

It seems that one of their primary competitors in the high-end civilian AR-15 market, Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM), is feeling the heat. Bravo co. used to have the best price/performance ratio and would be recommended accordingly, but these days it’s all Spike’s due to their lower prices without visibly poorer quality.

So BCM has just written a huge thread about just what goes into their products, ostensibly as a way of letting people know just what they’re getting when they spend the extra hundred or two dollars on a BCM product.

I applaud BCM for doing this. It’s not often that a manufacturer puts so much honesty into their sales. But I suspect that in the end Spike’s will win anyway; as the BCM folks say, “To 95% of shooters these cost saving measures [that we don’t implement] would never affect the performance of their rifle with the type of use it would see in its life span.”

My sense is that Spike’s Tactical is actually very close to BCM in terms of quality, just not quite there. This means that when comparing Spike’s and BCM products, it’s probably more like 99% than 95% of people who won’t be able to ascertain the BCM advantage.

I sure know where my next purchase is coming from.


One response to “BCM strikes back

  1. I love Spike’s. Great customer service & communication & a great product. I have one of their .22 AR uppers.

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