This is how it happens

The NRA had some pretty strong words to say regarding the DISCLOSE act, a bill recently spotted floating around congress. In truth, there are very real dangers to the bill not only to gun owners, but to any who support politically risky causes; remember how Proposition 8 donors were harassed by those who discovered their personal information in government databases? This bill would open that possibility for any issue. Imagine chilling effect it would have on political speech and activism to know that your opponents could learn your phone number and address at will.

So what did congress do? They don’t scrap the bill, they exempted the NRA from it.

If it’s bad for the NRA, then it’s bad for everyone. It’s fundamentally unfair that a large powerful organization such as the NRA can get excused from this disaster waiting in the wings, but that smaller, less powerful organizations can’t. What about the GOA? The JPFO? PETA? The ACLU? Did they get exemptions? No, of course not. They’re not as powerful as the NRA.

This is how The Leviathan state is formed: well-intentioned yet dangerous laws are watered down to exempt the favored few, resulting in a veritable patchwork quilt of regulations with no rhyme or reason to them, and only the sad history of political wheeling and dealing to explain their inconsistency.

One response to “This is how it happens

  1. Except JPFO can’t even engage in the type of activity the DISCLOSE Act regulates, neither can PETA. There are reasons to oppose this bill, but NRA meeting the specific criteria has nothing to do with smaller organizations who legally can’t even engage in this kind of political activity in the first place since they would never have been subject to the law.

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