Those wise defenders of the citizens

A student confronts a congressman about his political positions.The congressman slaps him and grabs him by the arm and neck. Seriously!

Democrat. F-rated by the NRA and GOA. I love how he exemplifies the democratic anti-gun values of compassion, non-violence, and sticking out for the little guy!

When will politicians learn that we live in the age of cell phone video cameras? Ah yes, probably about the same time they make it a crime to record police officers with them. Gotta love the political mindset.


One response to “Those wise defenders of the citizens

  1. I’m continually amazed at the number of anti-gun folks who are angry, volatile and/or emotionally unstable.

    Gives you insight into why they’re anti-gun. It’s projection, but not without reason. I mean no one thinks it’s a great idea for violent, emotionally unhinged people to own & carry guns.

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