Obama: not an action hero after all


Polls show that the public is unhappy with how Obama is handling the oil spill. For why?! There’s nothing for him to handle! I’m confused by the AP’s use of the phrase “President Barack Obama’s work on the Gulf oil spill”. What work? As Fareed Zakaria says, there isn’t much a great deal of room for the federal government here; it’s all in BP’s hands. What do people want Obama to do, dive in and plug the hole? The guy’s not Captain Planet!

Look, there are plenty of things to criticize Obama over, but this isn’t one of them. Nothing he could have done would have prevented it, and now that it’s happened, there’s nothing he can do to make it go away any faster.

We Americans feel like we need a hero. But the president isn’t one of them. He’s just a man. A man at the head of a creaking, bloated bureaucracy that trips over itself reaching for the metamucil.


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