Why waste time arguing that crap is good when you can buy good for the price of crap?

I came across someone on Arfcom today who was trying to get the hive to vindicate his desire to buy a DPMS bolt carrier group (full disclosure: I’m pointedstick in that thread).

Now, first of all, the BCG is the heart of an AR-15 rifle, and cheaping out on it is generally unwise. But people started lining up to defend the DPMS part, saying they’ve never had any problems with theirs, so what’s the big deal? Here’s my favorite comment:

Is it the Mercedes of bcg’s? No. But it’s a damn fine Honda Accord.

The thing is, nobody would buy a Honda Accord if they could get a Mercedes for the same price! The DPMS part is in fact more expensive than two very highly-regarded bolt carrier groups by major manufacturers with good reputations: LMT and Spike’s Tactical. LMT is even a military contractor and their parts make it into rifles that fight overseas wars. Why waste time arguing that crap is good when you can buy good for the price of crap?

I had a similar experience myself. A few months ago, I was considering buying a Del-Ton upper receiver. It seemed like a great deal… Until I learned about Spike’s Tactical.

For example, this Del-Ton upper costs $460 when you add chrome lining to the barrel, which I was going to do. And yet Spike’s Tactical sells a remarkably similar product for only $20 more that is superior in practically every way: it has a better bolt carrier group and M4 feed ramps, the barrel is chrome-lined by default and has a faster twist rate, the Handguards are the double-shielded M4 variety… and it comes with a free heavy buffer! That’s a lot for a difference of less than a few pizzas.

It pays to do your research, especially if you’re looking to save money by going with a lower-quality manufacturer like Del-Ton, DPMS, or Stag. It’s likely that you can get a product that’s superior in every way for only a very small increase in price, and sometimes not even that! For example, this DPMS upper is $556 with chrome lining and nowhere near as good as the $480 Spike’s Tactical upper mentioned earlier.

$75 more for a worse product. Do your homework!


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