Dumbest thing written by a Supreme Court Justice of the day

From Breyer’s dissent in McDonald (page 13):

Does the right to possess weapons for self-defense extend outside the home? To the car? To work? What sort of guns are necessary for self-defense? Handguns? Rifles? Semiautomatic weapons? When is a gun semi-automatic?

Emphasis mine. Apparently he thinks that “semi-automatic” is a subjective term, much like “post-modernism”. Maybe it could mean anything!

Hint for Breyer: a gun is semi-automatic when you pull the trigger and one bullet is fired and one shell casing is ejected, and then when you pull the trigger again, another bullet is fired and another shell casing is ejected.

Honestly. It’s like asking when a car has a manual transmission or when a phone is cordless. That one so ignorant of even basic terminology considers himself qualified to make judgements on this subject is risible in the extreme.

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