BradyWatch: no really, this time blood will run through the streets!

Poor Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign has found out about another lawful practice he can wail about. His gripe this time concerns Utah’s issuing of non-resident concealed-carry permits, and a majority of U.S. states recognizing those permits. Obviously this will lead to blood in the streets and mass murders over parking spaces and you can guess the rest.

Paul admits that this has been going on for years. If he’s right that this is a public safety menace, then it shouldn’t be hard to find examples of the mayhem that it’s caused. But can Paul point to a single incident of an out-of-state Utah permit holder committing a gun crime?


This is why the anti-gun side loses. They stoke the fires of fear with sensationalism but don’t have any statistics to back up their feelings of dread and terror. As more and more people become not only comfortable around guns and those who own them, but also owners and carrier themselves, it becomes increasingly difficult for their chicken little cries to resonate with a population that can see for itself that the world hasn’t ended and blood isn’t running through the streets.


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