Nobody does it better

The New York Times ran an article about the NRA that’s remarkably balanced for such a liberal paper. I feel like any remotely positive coverage, especially anything that acknowledges victories on our side, is helpful; it moves the frame a little bit closer to our goal of guns and gun ownership being universally normalized.

It’s also great to see the NRA’s power, muscle, and success put into writing. The whole article is about how great the NRA is at advancing gun rights. It must be very demoralizing for our opponents to read something like this.

Still, the article has a major flaw: it claims that the NRA is branching out to non-gun legislation because it has flat-out won the gun issue. We should all be flattered, but the truth is there’s a lot more that needs to be done. The NRA has been vigilant about inserting gun rights riders into non-gun-related bills because congress is overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats who would not vote for a straight gun bill. But enough of them are moderate enough to live with gun riders to secure victory for their legislative priorities. You can bet than when Republicans clean up in november, the NRA is going to return to being more direct in the face of a friendlier congress.

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