BradyWatch: why doesn’t anybody listen to us????

Paul Helmke is sad that nobody takes his blabbering about the “gun show loophole” seriously. He wonders, “Who would oppose closing the gun show loophole?” That’s easy: everybody who understands that there IS no “gun show loophole”! The rules don’t magically change when you go to a gun show. If it’s illegal outside a gun show, it’s illegal inside one.

Here’s my favorite part of his rambling post:

Chicago has seen some of worst gun violence of any city in America in recent years. This July, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune, more than 300 people were shot, 33 of them killed. The easy access to guns by dangerous people continues to exist because of our nation’s weak gun laws and the weak guns laws of so many states. The anemic laws in neighboring jurisdictions make it hard for cities to see the kind of progress that they could be seeing. And these anemic laws make it hard for residents of those communities to experience the kind of safety that they deserve a right to.

So let me get this straight: Chicago has lots of gun control but lots of crime… so it’s Indiana and Wisconsin’s fault for having weak gun control, even though Indiana and Wisconsin have less crime than Chicago… and if those states implemented more gun control, then could reap the public safety benefits of other places that have already done so… like Chicago. Hmm…


One response to “BradyWatch: why doesn’t anybody listen to us????

  1. The whole notion of “gun violence” as wholly distinct and separate from “human violence” is really a sign of a kind of mental fracture.

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