The true nature of the debate

There’s an amazing post over at DocZero that you must to read immediately. No really, go read it. Here’s a snippet:

The debate over who “owns” our money is a serious one, with profound philosophical implications. The collectivist mindset, evolved over the past two centuries, holds that every citizen is obliged to finance the expression of society’s “general will.” We share common resources, and we’re all affected by social problems, so the State has first claim on our time and money. Once the general will has been satisfied, citizens are allowed to keep whatever is left over.

Since individual citizens are presumably greedy and short-sighted, the collectivist finds it absurd to give them final say in how much of their income is seized by the State. Only the highly educated, selfless wardens of the State can make that determination. Of course millionaires don’t want to hand over their fortunes to fund welfare programs, industrial subsidies, and armies of bureaucrats… but those things must be funded, so the money is justly taken by force.

What Tea Party types view as tyranny, the collectivist sees as the virtuous expression of that infallible general will. The real tyranny would be depriving needy people of vital government services, to give rich people money that is the rightful property of the benevolent State. You’ll hear a great deal of rage, accompanied with promises of righteous violence, when the Republican Congress works with the next President to begin cutting our obscenely bloated government down to size. Every penny of those spending cuts will be portrayed as the rightful property of the needy, seized and administered on their behalf by the wise and benevolent political class… whose moral and intellectual superiority entitles them to rich benefits and luxuries. The liberal does not believe any person of good conscience could oppose the general will. The only possible explanation is a species of greed that approaches treason.

Read it ALL.


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