Obama proposes law to enable feds to snoop on any internet traffic

Ahh, the hope and change are so thick you could cut them with a knife! Taking a page from a lobbyist I met at GRPC, I’m gonna call this law the Privacy Elimination and Fascism Creation act of 2011.

Obama isn’t Bush lite, heck, he’s not even Bush low sodium, he’s Bush II! What a joke. Call your congresscritter and tell them you’ll tar and feather them if they vote for this abomination.


4 responses to “Obama proposes law to enable feds to snoop on any internet traffic

  1. This is not really a new story.

    The government, in both Republican and Democratic administrations, has been trying to cope with digital communications for at least 15 years, probably longer. Especially vexing to security services have been email and other communications methods that lend themselves to encryption. But requiring backdoors to be put into encryption software will not work, because the cat is already out of the bag: Pretty Good Privacy is open source software.

    To get more background on PGP, look at this page:


    Administration plans to make monitoring easier will only snare people who are unaware of how to super-encrypt their telecommunications using safe programs like PGP.

  2. Those are very good points, but I worry that the percentage of people who have no idea how do securely encrypt their communication probably approaches 95% or higher, so a lot of “low-hanging fruit” will be plucked by something like this . And you’re certainly right that government has been doing this for ages, but I’m just particularly bitter about Obama not only because he cast himself as a civil liberties-saving hero, but also because his supporters elected him primarily because Bush was extremely bad on this front and he repeatedly promised to be better.

  3. Yes, I can see why it hurts particularly, but even that is not new. Most candidates slam the President about security policy vs. civil liberties while campaigning, but reverse course once they are President themselves. Patriot Act: still mostly there. Gitmo: still there, and still full of prisoners. Renditions: they still happen too, I’ll bet.

    I think it is partly the tendency of those in power to do everything to retain that power, especially bureaucrats, and partly the surprising first security briefing that a new President gets, that accounts for the about face. National security is pretty much the ONLY Constitutional duty of the President.

    You are completely correct that 95% of Internet users are unaware of encryption technology. But really, can anyone who uses the Internet today expect that e-mail, or any message transmitted in TCP/IP packets, is in any way private?

    Naivete know no bounds, I guess.

  4. So you went to the Gun Rights Policy Confrence? So did local gun-blogger Olav, who I meet at the Rendezvous. Kewl!
    Obama cast himself as quite a few things he’s not. As a pronounced Leftist he’s a Statist, and that’s not exactly a civil-liberties kinda position to be in. What’s more aggravating is the willing suspension of disbelief that engages so many of his followers.

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