’86 machine gun ban illegitimate

Through the unbelievable dedication of AJAX22, video footage of the vote on the Hughes Amendment has been unearthed—and the ’86 ban on new machine gun registrations was actually NOT passed but was simply recorded as such. It’s one of the worst examples of scummy politicking and under-the-table sleezemaking I’ve ever seen. Here, take a look:

The blow-by-blow forum thread on Calguns is fascinating. New revelations are coming to light every day.


2 responses to “’86 machine gun ban illegitimate

  1. The video is of roll 814, not the hughes vote,

    roll call 814 was the only time in recent memory where a similar issue to the hughes vote came up and was contested (precedent) but unfortunately it is not as straight forward as the shenanigans of the 86 vote.

    The 86 MG ban vote footage is about 3-8 weeks from showing up (the library of congress takes its sweet time)

  2. The video is here

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