Whan an awful idea

With gas prices rising, it looks like there’s increasing pressure to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to alleviate some of the pain. Now, I’m no fan of $4-a-gallon gas, but is this a strategic emergency? No, it’s me being pissed that my commute got $10 more expensive this month. Hardly a national emergency. Isn’t this thing supposed to be used, you know, strategically?

Then again, it is indeed a strategic emergency from a political perspective. No matter what party is in the majority, if voters drive to the polls with cars burning gas that cost four bucks a gallon or more, that majority is going to get slaughtered.


One response to “Whan an awful idea

  1. Is that kinda joke or what 🙂 Russia is known as occupant country where everybody think that they are a great empire. Probably it is true cos like in all empires there is rich head – Moscow bit all others in the country are alcoholic or drug addicted slaves. Russias strategic export is: Oil, gas, orphans (thos is already banned i gues) and girls (wifes). Do you really think that current formation Russia can help somebody?

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