Welcome to Guns And Bullets!  The name of this site comes from a gun rag in the Fallout video game series, described unapologetically as “A magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review.” Reading it increases the player’s knowledge of firearms. Hopefully this blog will do the same for you!


One response to “About

  1. You said on Joan’s blog: “It’s just frustrating to me that the information is out there, but you choose not to listen to it,”

    Welcome to the gun debate. At first we give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re ignorant which Joan has proven herself to be several times. Then when the factual information countering their worldview is shown to them, they deliberately ignore it and repeat themselves. That makes them, imo, liars.

    I’ve seen it over and over which is why my patience for her type is short. She is starting to realize though that every direct answer she gives works against her. That’s the only reason I bother w/ her. To get those gems.

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