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Looks like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal agrees!

My favorite webcomic has a not-so-subtle jab at Obama’s utopian paean against nuclear weapons:


You should totally read SMBC if you don’t already. I’ll also mention that based on his portrayal of guns, I suspect that author is a fan, if not an owner. But you’ll have to read the whole archive to find out! You know you will. It’s a webcomic.


This will accomplish what, exactly?

Obama just signed a big new Nuclear weapons control agreement with Russia. I’m curious to know what exactly anyone thinks this will accomplish. Is a world in which Russia and the U.S. have 1,500 warheads really any safer than a world in which they have more than 2,000 each? And even if I believed that getting rid of nuclear weapons was possible through treaties like this, what good would it do? Did treaties and non-proliferation agreements prevent India, Pakistan, Israel, or North Korea from getting The Bomb? What happens when one country develops them again in a non-nuclear-armed world?

But the funniest thing was in a graphic that ran with the article. Apparently Russia hasn’t even followed the last treaty!


Soooo… The U.S. followed the last treaty but Russia didn’t. What makes this one different?