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Ahh yes, “teaming up to keep your family safe”

SayUncle pretty much nails it:

Not sure what’s sadder. That the press is a willing lapdog in this or that TSA is at bus stations.


New TSA procedures may actually be unconstitutional

Not that it should be the least bit surprising, but it’s nice to see this line of reasoning advanced in major mainstream news outlets.


Finally some much-needed outrage

I’ve been really happy with the media firestorm that’s erupted in recent days over the TSA’s dehumanizing tactics. They’ve even got congress yelling at the chief John Pistole. My favorite though is what the Taiwanese apparently think of the whole affair.

My First Patdown

SayUncle and Joe Huffman have the dirt on the latest TSA shenanigans.

ETA: more from a former TSA employee.

Step through here, sir… nice junk!

TSA employee beats up colleague for making fun of his small penis, as seen in a full-body image scanner. And they tell us that these things don’t compromise privacy? Yet another reason why I haven’t flown in a year. The government has made that method of transportation too frustrating and illiberal.